Resources for Teachers

Track Students. Run Reports. Manage Data.

QwertyTown tools are custom built for teachers and admins.


For our full catalog of tutorials, head over to our YouTube Channel. You can learn how to manage your class rosters, adjust the difficulty of lessons, control Chatterbox features, and much more.


Admin Guide

The Admin Guide is handy for School Admins and District Admins in QwertyTown. This guide will walk you through roster management, student reports, and a variety of other settings designed to help you customize your experience.

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Teachers' Guide

The Teachers’ Guide is an essential resource for teachers who are new to QwertyTown. This guide will help you get your students started with Teaching Tips, Lesson Ideas, and more. Feel free to download the PDF, print it out, and make as many copies as you'd like.

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Lesson Starter: QwertyTown, Day 1

This lesson lays out how to approach keyboarding instruction on your first day in QwertyTown.

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Lesson Starter: Why Learn Keyboarding?

This lesson helps students understand the importance of keyboarding.

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Benchmarks and Curriculum

QwertyTown is the first keyboarding application to tap into one of the biggest reasons keyboarding is an essential skill for young people: communicating online. Keyboarding is a fundamental part of literacy, whether it is to collaborate with peers, publish projects to the web, or simply play games and chat with friends.

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Parent Letter

The Parent Letter is a great way to let your students' parents know why keyboarding is so important. It also explains how students can access their QwertyTown accounts from home. Feel free to download the PDF and send it home.

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Download official forms such as W-9s and Terms of Use.

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